Sunday, December 9, 2012

Waverous patches soon to be integrated into Stunt

I saw a wonderful message from Todd Sundsted this weekend on the MOO-Talk list:
Next up, I'm going to start integrating Steve Wainstead's C++ patches into Stunt. This will give us better tools for abstracting away some of the complexity in the current codebase.
I haven't been doing anything with Waverous for months now and this is a shot in the arm. In part I took a deep dive into Minecraft and spent a lot of time on it -- a few hundred hours of playing time.

This was a direct result of reading Jane McGonigal's "Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World." I never knew all those years of playing Grand Theft Auto were making me happier and mentally healthier. I sold my PS3 a couple of years ago and decided I wouldn't sink any more time into gameplay. When my wife took a four day trip to New Orleans I decided to spend the alone-time in a new immersive experience. I loved every minute of it.

This is related peripherally to LambdaMOO development work in that some people still use MOOs to create and play games. The MOO I reside on does not do this, but one of the projects I want to pursue is use the package management system of Stunt to create some rooms and objects... I think prefabricated worlds (or even just portions of worlds) offer some good potential for wizards and world building. Imagine someone recreated the world of Harry Potter in a MOO: another person could contribute the Hogwarts Express, for example. The world builder might have two or three Hogwarts Express packages to choose from, offering different features. Todd's package management system will allow a level of sharing that was never possible before with LambdaMOO.

I highly recommend watching Jane McGonigal's TED talk "The Game That Can Give You Ten Extra Years of Life."