Thursday, July 14, 2011

File I/O is here at last: now a compile-time option

Tonight I did all the legwork (fingerwork?) to make File I/O a compilation option. File I/O is a patch to the LambdaMOO server that allows programmers to manipulate files outside the server.

Someone mentioned my Waverous project on the MOO-talk mailing list back in December 2010, and a followup poster made a disparaging remark about FUP (ext-FUP is the other extension to the server for file manipulation, and they have very different ways of doing it).

I was not sure I had the most recent version of File I/O, which I downloaded from the MOO Resources site. Ken Fox created it originally, but now discourages its use. The person who patched and released it later was Andy Bakun, working at these days; he was kind enough to reply to my email that File I/O 1.5p1 was the most recent version to his recollection.

As of now, the version in HEAD of the repository has the configure option --with-fileio and will try to compile File I/O into the server, but it fails quite spectacularly; probably because it won't compile as C++. I have to pick through the errors and fix it up. (addendum, July 2011: it works just fine now. It did need some tweaking so g++ would compile it).

The other task I need to remember -- I should file a ticket -- is if File I/O is compiled in, then there has to be a target directory created to store the files manipulated by the MOO server. The original install instructions call for this directory (simply called "files") to be made in the server directory. I'll have to figure out how to handle this when I get around to developing a proper "install" target to "make."

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