Monday, July 9, 2012

The finish line nears!: Merging Waverous's C++ changes into Stunt

Yesterday I had several blissful hours to hack away, applying patches to the "waverous" branch in my fork of Stunt.

I had to deal with a few more places in the Stunt code that differed from the Waverous code; namely, Stunt was forked from a later commit of LambdaMOO than Waverous was. (I started with the code base on Sourceforge, whereas Todd started with the code base on Github). There are several places that use a new macro, TRY_STREAM, which in turn uses the original TRY macro. I fixed the compiler error occurring after macro expansion (which didn't turn out to be all that hard, fortunately).

By midnight last night I had the project successfully compiling, which was quite exciting. But the linking phase was failing; I found I was missing a handful of source files in, like json.[hc], collection.[hc] and a few others.

I think the is now up to date and I just have to update the files for File I/O to make g++ happy. After that, there's about 100-150 patches to look at but the vast majority of them are specific to my goals with Waverous, like including the LambdaMOO and JHCore databases, removing scripts used during porting, adding documentation, helper tools like Neil Fraser's Moo Database Browser, etc.

I think there are a handful of patches to apply still that deal mostly with updates to the Autotools but I consider those to come after the milestone of a running "Stunt++" server. Todd announced my work on the MOO Talk mailing list this morning.

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